Wednesday, July 30, 2014

How to wear an electric blue tulle skirt

So you see these tulle skirts and you think, these look interesting; but you're not sure you would actually wear them because, well, it's not as if tutus are made to be worn on the street. Except, okay, a tulle skirt is not a tutu and a tulle skirt is meant to be worn on the street; but how exactly can you pull off wearing a tulle skirt? And how do you pull off wearing one that's electric blue? Well, here's blogger Kristina K-ak from Poland showing you just how easy it can be to wear an electric blue tulle skirt. Just keep it casual. Downplay the skirt with a t-shirt then add a nice necklace, some sandals and grab a cute clutch.

Black leather midi skirt grey sweater outfit

I am in love with this outfit. I don't know who designed the skirt or what kind of skirt it is; but I love how blogger Masha Sedgwick form Berlin Germany has styled the skirt. It's a black midi skirt. It looks like leather but I don't know if it's actual leather or just PU or what as there's no information about the pieces being worn accompanying the picture on What I love is how comfortable the outfit looks while still looking very stylish. The skirt has a lot of room. The top has enough room. And the statement necklace adds that extra touch. The shoes also enhance the look. The color scheme is also good.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Asos yellow midi skirt

SuSu Do is a London fashion design student and a blogger. I came across this picture of her on I love her outfit. She chose the perfect top to go with her yellow midi skirt from Asos. It's like the top was made for the skirt. They could be sold as a set; and her choice of shoes works very nicely as well. You can see more pics of her in the outfit on her blog (here)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Short flared Pink pleated skirt with ivory white blouse

I previously featured pink skirts with white tops but I missed this one. The skirt and blouse are from H & M. I love the skirt. Love the color and love the pleated style. The model is Eli GGarcia who is a fashion blogger from Montreal Canada. I think she's done a really fantastic job with the outfit. Love the gold necklace and the other gold jewelry and really love how the snake print shoulder bag works with both the top and the skirt and also with the gold jewelry. And the choice of black lace-up sandals was a good choice. It works very nicely.

Black and white striped skirt white top yellow over coat

I think this is a really nice outfit. I love the whole look. Love the black and white striped skirt worn with the white top and then the pastel yellow coat worn over the outfit. And then the cute handbag and the bracelet and the sunglasses and the ballerina flats. This is just a perfect ensemble. Love it. The model is Audrey G. who is from Orleans France.

White skirt with black and white striped top

I like this outfit. It's pretty basic but a nice combination of a white skirt with a black and white striped top. And I love how the model Juting T adds some red color in the form of red lipstick and then some yellow in the form of a yellow handbag. The skirt is from TOPSHOP. The black and white striped top is from CHLOE. The shoes are GUESS. The bag and sunglasses are Celine. Anybody else think Juting T must have quite the big bank account?

Long Maxi see through star print skirt

This skirt is really nice but I probably wouldn't wear it because it's transparent. But I love how it looks on Konstantina Tzagaraki. I love how she's worn it with a sleeveless fringed top and wedges. She's really created a very nice outfit with it; but like I said the transparent thing isn't for me. I don't get the need to wear clothes that are so transparent that you can see everything. Not saying anything is wrong with someone else wearing transparent clothes. Just saying it's not for me but this is a really beautiful skirt regardless. I guess if you wear shorts under it like Konstantina is doing then it's okay. Although the shorts kind of fit like panties so it amounts to the same thing.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

White flared skirt with black top and black white print blazer accessorized with red bag

This is a cute outfit from Miami USA fashion designer, stylist and blogger Borka Gamero. She pairs a Hot miami styles white flared skirt with a black fitted top, then adds a Hot miami styles black and white print blazer, some black sandals and black sunglasses, a nice statement necklace and a red Celine shoulder bag to create a stylish look for a day outing.

Pink skirts with white tops outfit ideas

Here are some pink skirt white top outfits I've come across on today. The first one features blogger Alba from Spain wearing a white blouse from Choies with a pink flared short skirt also from Choies. She adds some flats from Anna Xi that are styled like the Valentino rockstuds and Alain Afflelou sunglasses.
Next, Mayo Wo from Hong Kong wears a pink layered skirt from the layers (Pink Checker Layers Midi Skirt - $178) with a white top from "Young Hungry free". The top is their "Pop Dat Top in White" blouse in white. It's just under $30. It's an interesting look but probably not my style personally. I love the funky hat and the ballerina flats. I love that the ballerina flats have ribbons.
Next look is from Virgit Canaz who is from Ecuador but blogs from Amsterdam. She's wearing a white chicwish top with a pink flared skirt from Zara. I like the addition of the vintage denim jacket. And the clutch is very interesting.
And last is Stephanie D from the Phillipines who is wearing a hot pink bouffant skirt with a white cropped top.

Yellow blouse worn with the Turn Back Time Scenic Print Midi Skirt from Chic wish

How gorgeous is this skirt? Wow right? And this outfit from Viktoriya Sener is just perfect. The yellow top just brings out all that sunny gorgeous bright colorfulness of the skirt; and then the white shoes and bag mellows it down to just the right degree to achieve perfection. It's like wearing a painting. And you have so many possibilities for the color of top you can wear with it. I'd probably wear a white tank top and then add a nice fitted blazer in baby blue or pastel pink, coral, peach or even a nice lavender or purple-blue.

Friday, July 18, 2014

How to wear your Lovely green Ruffled Ball Gown style satin skirt

I am glad I came across this picture because I was looking at this skirt and wanting to buy it. I think this picture gives a more accurate idea of how this skirt would look. The picture used on the website where the skirt is sold features a teeny tiny model and you know how everything looks like perfection on teeny tiny models. Here you can see that the skirt is going to look on you based on your type of body and if you don't have a teeny tiny waist the skirt probably won't look on you the same way it looks on the model. Anita K., 23 year old singer,blogger from Europe, is lovely and her outfit is very cute. I like how she styles the skirt. Here's the skirt on the featured model from the seller website. You can see that it falls a little bit more below the knees on the model and flows more pouf and vibrancy in the look of the satin. I still want to buy it. After all it's under $15. If it's at least a reasonably decent quality and it fits I can't imagine I'd be that disappointed but we'll see what happens.

How to wear a see-through skirt

I love the look of this outfit. The skirt is lovely and amazingly enough costs less than $10 US dollars. The top that the model selected works perfectly with the skirt and she has accessorized it beautifully. Love the shoes and the clutch purse and the necklace. She has taken a skirt that costs less than $10 and made it look like it costs much more. As far as how to wear a see through skirt I like this style better than some of the other styles I've seen where the girls wear their see through skirts over underwear. Not criticizing them or anything. To each his own; but I personally prefer this look. If you want to buy the skirt you can click on the image below.