Friday, July 18, 2014

How to wear your Lovely green Ruffled Ball Gown style satin skirt

I am glad I came across this picture because I was looking at this skirt and wanting to buy it. I think this picture gives a more accurate idea of how this skirt would look. The picture used on the website where the skirt is sold features a teeny tiny model and you know how everything looks like perfection on teeny tiny models. Here you can see that the skirt is going to look on you based on your type of body and if you don't have a teeny tiny waist the skirt probably won't look on you the same way it looks on the model. Anita K., 23 year old singer,blogger from Europe, is lovely and her outfit is very cute. I like how she styles the skirt. Here's the skirt on the featured model from the seller website. You can see that it falls a little bit more below the knees on the model and flows more pouf and vibrancy in the look of the satin. I still want to buy it. After all it's under $15. If it's at least a reasonably decent quality and it fits I can't imagine I'd be that disappointed but we'll see what happens.

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