Thursday, September 4, 2014

Choies blue gradient maxi skirt

Blue Gradient Maxi SkirtI've seen this skirt and thought about buying it but I never did buy it. There's still time. I like long flowing skirts. I guess this won't be a good buy for Fall but I can still buy it to have for Spring/Summer 2015.

Or I could just wear it inside.

I wonder if it flows in reality the way it's flowing on the model. Like how is it flowing behind her like that? I guess they're blowing a fan or something. I know she didn't do a twirl while standing on that rock. She wouldn't look so balanced so obviosly she didn't.

Blue Gradient Maxi Skirt 


I'd probably wear this as a dress instead of a skirt. Maybe not all the time but some of the time. Unfortunately I couldn't find anybody on lookbook wearing this skirt. Would have been nice to see it on a regular person to see how it looks in everyday use.

Blue Gradient Maxi Skirt Blue Gradient Maxi Skirt
Polyester;Machine wash according to instructions on care label

Well, my computer is acting up on me right now. Running very slowly. So I'll just finish up this post for now. Do you like this skirt?

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